What To See?

Attractive and decorative, reminding of notable people or reflecting the town’s identity – discover and take a picture of the public artworks in Saldus!

On May 2, 2023, the new town clock was unveiled at Oskars Kalpaks square. Its author is Aigars Andersons, a local architect. The clock was inspired by Janis Rozentāls’ passion for Art Deco and Art Nouveau. The author deliberately embodied in this clock, what was important to Rozentāls’ work, because the church opposite the clock was dear to the painter, and the sculptures of characters from his painting “From the Church” are also located in front of the church.

In May 2019, an impressive sign “Saldus” with the special letter “u” was installed at the scenic viewpoint on Biļļu Hill in Saldus. This location provides one of the best panoramic views of Saldus and the most beautiful views of Saldus hillfort and Lake Saldus. The sign is freely accessible to everyone – it is located on the side of the P109 (Jelgavas iela) next to a large and convenient parking lot. You are welcome to take a photo with this sign and the magnificent views of Saldus in the background!

Bronze Sculptures of Characters from J. Rozentāls’ Painting

Honouring the 155th birthday of Janis Rozentāls, seven life-size bronze sculptures depicting characters from his diploma painting “After The Service” were placed on the stairs at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran church. The sculptures represent various social classes, icluding Rozentāls’ parents – his mother Lavize and his father Mikelis. It is known that the artist spent many Sundays by the church, sketching the local people.

The author of the sculptures is sculptor Sandis Aispurs.

Interactive Sculpture Dedicated to Poet Māris Čaklais

The sculpture is dedicated to poet Māris Čaklais, native to Saldus and a Citizen of Honour of the town. It introduces visitors to the intangible heritage of the poet by reciting his poems and playing songs with his lyrics. Artist Egils Mednis, the author of the sculpture, was inspired by a poem about Saldus, which the poet dedicated to his home town. It describes the way the town could be created – by taking a washing bowl, placing the market square, a church and a few schools in the middle, letting artist Janis Rozentāls be born, and giving warmth to people’s breaths.
The sculpture was created by Saldus Rotari Club, with the help of Saldus Municipality, EU project funds, and individual sponsors.

The sculptural fountain “A Drop of Honey”, which was created by sculptor Kārlis Īle, born in Saldus, adorns a square named after the poet and former resident of Saldus – Māris Čaklais, who has compared the town to a “drop of honey in Kurzeme bowl”. The fountain consists of two horizontal honeycombs connected by an impressive drop of honey. The upper honeycomb is a symbol of heaven. The lower comb is a symbol of the earth. And we humans are somewhere in between. The big drop of honey forms the connection between heaven and earth, symbolizing the place of man in the world.

The water flows freely over the edges of the upper honeycomb,  creating a honey rain to cool off and play with.

In May 2019, the special letter “U” was unveiled in O. Kalpaks’ square. It’s dedicated to the new identity of Saldus municipality “Saldus fulfills”. The white, stylized letter “U” is made of durable material. You can sit and step on it, and it is illuminated in different colours at night. Everyone is welcome not only to see it in person, but also to capture it in photos.

Honouring the 150th anniversary of Janis Rozentāls, which was celebrated in 2016, several buildings in Saldus were decorated with murals based on the paintings of J. Rozentāls.

The murals created by artist Sandra Strēle can be seen at 1 Tūristu Street, 5 Lielā Street and 12 Avotu Street, and artist Svens Neilands has painted a wall of the building at 2b Lielā Street.

Memorial plaque dedicated to Ēriks Ķiģelis

In 2015, a memorial plaque to the popular Latvian musician and composer Ēriks Ķiģelis was unveiled in Saldus, Striķu street 5. The musician had lived in this house for 20 years. A tit is depicted on the commemorative plaque – this symbol was chosen because the song “The Tit”, written by Ē. Ķiģelis, is legendary. The plaque was created by Egils Mednis, with the support of Saldus Rotari Club and the Society in honour of the musician’s 60th anniversary.

Reproductions of paintings by the famous Latvian painter Janis Rozentāls can be seen in several places in the town. At St. John`s Evangelical Lutheran church – a reproduction of the painting “After the Service”, on the banks of the Ciecere River near Kalnsētas Park – “Washerwomen”, in Kalnsētas Park near the bridge – “Study. Willows”, and on Biļļu hill – a reproduction of the painting “A Town in Kurzeme”.

The floral bee is located by the children’s playground “Pīļuks”. It is made of several hundreds of flower plantlets. The bee is approximately 6m long and 4m wide. It is also attractive in winter, decorated with twinkle lights.

The sculpture was made within the framework of Latvia’s Centenary Celebration Programme during the plein air “Industial Art in Brocēni” in 2018. It is located behind the culture centre, near the public swimming area. The author of the sculpture is Agnese Rudzīte-Kirillova.

Town Clock

Oskars Kalpaks' Square, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.666050, 22.493363

The Sign “Saldus”

Biļļu Hill, the scenic viewpoint at the border of Saldus town

56.669852, 22.512300

Bronze Sculptures of Characters from J. Rozentāls’ Painting

Kuldīgas iela 2, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.666742, 22.492643

Interactive Sculpture Dedicated to Poet Māris Čaklais

M. Čaklā skvērs, Saldus

56.664288, 22.492195

Sculptural Fontain “A Drop of Honey”

M. Čaklā skvērs, Lielā iela 6A, Saldus novads

56.664104, 22.491942

Sign “Saldus Fulfills”

O. Kalpaka laukums, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.666050, 22.493363

J. Rozentāls’ Painting Motifs on Buildings in Saldus


56.666310, 22.495367; 56.665234, 22.492213; 56.664559, 22.491547; 56.666095, 22.489047

Memorial plaque dedicated to Ēriks Ķiģelis

Striķu str. 5, Saldus, Saldus Municipality

56.665364, 22.494233

Reproductions of Janis Rozentāls` Paintings


56.666476, 22.492749; 56.667593, 22.504954; 56.667725, 22.509679; 56.669739, 22.512296

Floral Bee

Children's playground "Pīļuks", in the square between the Lielā street and Avotu street.

56.665256, 22.490161

The Princess of Water Lilies

Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.680172, 22.566427


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