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Saldus municipality is proud of its skilled craftsmen, whose products are artistic and of high quality. You are welcome to visit their workshops!

Hand-woven tapestries  made by textile artist Baiba Rītere have been highly appraised in many exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. They can be viewed and purchased at the textile studio “Austrumi”, which is located in a beatiful area near Saldus town. Visitors are introduced to the weaving process. Enthusiasts can also sign up for creative classes.

Pottery workshop “Podnīca” is located in the Kapellers’ house. Here you can buy ceramic items created by artist Dita Zagorska and learn how to work with clay. There is a smoked pottery kiln in the backyard, and  regular kiln opening events are organized.

The folk applied arts studio “Saldus” offers visitors to try weaving, knitting and other handicrafts. There is a collection of samples of traditional skirt fabric in Saldus area. Fabric for Latvian national costumes can be ordered here.

At Druva Handicraft Centre, you can try different types of handicraft and weaving, as well as see the masterpieces of local handicrafters: knitwear, hand woven fabric, embroidery etc.

Potter Artis Kleinbergs makes and sells various bowls, mugs, plates and many other ceramic items.

Natural wood-fired pottery, made in a traditional technique without using the pottery wheel. Pots are fired in a traditional wood kiln for 12 hours. Reduction gives the items their black colour. After the firing, pots are waxed with oil, beeswax and polished with wool. “Blackfolkpottery” workshop is located in the centre of Brocēni town and also offers creative activities.

Potter Iveta Besere makes clay pottery decorated with the elements of antlers . Ceramic products can be purchased both at the workshop and custom-made.

Ceramicist Aleksandra Gūtmane works in the pottery workshop “Klapatas” in Pampāli parish. Here you can see how different ceramic products are made. The hostess invites visitors to try their hand at creating a ceramic item, as well as to buy the finished products.

Valdis Jaunskungs learned the ceramics skills from his mother Laima, who once worked in “Rolava ceramics”. An interesting fact is that they buy their clay in Lithuania to be able to produce heat-resistant dishes.  Lithuanians mix faience with clay mass, so the dishes made from it can be put in the oven to cook food. The ceramicists create beautiful and useful dishes for the house – terrines, cucumber pickling pots, sugar and salt dishes, bowls, etc.

Indars Ābele has become a blacksmith through self-study, and his grandfather, also a craftsman, inspired him. He can make almost anything out of metal. Very often he forges hinges, makes fences, but there are also interesting projects – weathercocks, gazebos, wrought iron with ornaments. At the blacksmith’s workshop, visitors can observe the blacksmith’s work, as well as place custom orders.

Textile artist Baiba Rītere

"Austrumi", Saldus Parish, Saldus Municipality

56.69405, 22.49882

Pottery Workshop “Podnīca”

Striķu iela 7, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.665003, 22.494586

Folk Applied Arts Studio “Saldus”

Kuldīgas iela 3, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.665517, 22.497551

Druva Handicraft Centre

Vienības iela 15/17, Druva, Saldus pagasts, Saldus novads

56.695504, 22.449631

Potter Artis Kleinbergs

Ziemeļu iela 3b, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.67267, 22.48695


Lielcieceres iela 7, Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.681385, 22.567401

Potter Iveta Besere

"Klencīši", Novadnieki Parish, Saldus Municipality

56.627452, 22.476713

Ceramicist Aleksandra Gūtmane

"Klapatas", Pampāļi Parish, Saldus Municipality

56.546488, 22.210359

Ceramicists Laima Jaunskunga and Valdis Jaunskungs

Kalni, Nīgrande Parish, Saldus Municipality

56.44457, 22.12347

Blacksmith Indars Ābele

Zirņu pagasts, Saldus novads (the 110th km of the road Riga-Liepaja)

56.668625, 22.331898


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