What To See?

Farms and farmsteads, beekeepers and gardens – meet active people and see beautiful countryside in Saldus municipality!

At the rose nursery “Stūru rozes” in Blīdene parish you can see over 350 rose varieties and purchase potted rose plants. Owner Lilija Bleidele will provide advice on rose care. In July and August, visitors can see blooming roses in Lilija’s spacious garden.

Solveiga Dzene’s decorative garden is located by Lake Ciecere in Brocēni town. Solveiga is a professional landscape gardener and can give advice about how to choose plants and the principles of garden design.

When visiting beekeeper Jānis Vainovskis in Blīdene parish, you will learn a lot about bees and honey. In the summer, you can take a tour in the apiary dressed in a beekeeping suit, try uncapping honeycomb and extracting honey; in winter – participate in a creative workshop and make beeswax candles or sweets. Visitors can also taste various types of honey, pollen and bee bread. Families and tourist groups are welcome, and a picnic area is available.

Petting Zoo “Silavas”

Mon., Tue, Thu., Fri. 11.00-17.00, Sat., Sun. 11.00-18.00, Wed. - closed

At the petting zoo “Silavas” visitors can interact with many different animals – donkeys, llamas, a horse, a pony, African ostriches, nutrias, chinchillas, rabbits, decorative birds, sheep, and goats. You can also feed the animals with food supplied by the zoo, which makes the visit even more exciting. The indoor exhibit features more exotic animals –parrots, various rodents, fish, a turtle and even pythons. There is a nice picnic area by a pond and a children’s playground – included in the price for groups of at least 10 people.

Farmstead “Ziķi”

By prior arrangement

Visiting the animals: adults - EUR 3.00 EUR, children - EUR 2.00 (children under 2 years - free). Animals + cinema/photography history collection: adults - EUR 5.00, children - EUR 3.00

The farm offers exciting, informative and educational stories about ostriches and pheasants, as well as the opportunity to see them. It is also possible to visit the cinema-photo history collection. The farm is also engaged in dairy, fruit and grain farming.

Farmstead “Kalna ģēģeri”

By prior arrangement

Several generations of the Apriķi family have been owners of this farm. Visitors can see domestic animals typical for Latvia and enjoy peaceful walks in the near forest and fields, take part in hay harvesting, make beeswax candles, bake bread, taste typical countryside food and spend the night in a tent.

Peony Garden at “Lapenieki”

By prior arrangement

Sandra Medne has created an impressive peony garden at the farmsted “Lapenieki”. Currently, around 240 varieties of peonies grow in her garden. In early summer, visitors can see the beautiful collection in full bloom. If booked in advance, tourist groups can enjoy delicious soup cooked by the hostess.

In July, you have the opportunity to see a beautiful lavender field, to relax, inhale the scent of lavender and capture the beautiful moments of lavender in photos, learn about the history, cultivation, harvesting, oil distillation and practical use of lavender and its essential oil.

Guided tour at the farm “Brūzilu Liellops” (“Brūzilu Cattle”)

By prior arrangement

The farm “Brūzilu Cattle” unites 2 farms – a dairy cattle farm and a beef cattle farm. The tour round the farms gives an idea of how livestock farming is organized – for both dairy and beef cattle. The visitors can be guided to both pasture and livestock housing. Beef meat products (steak, minced meat etc.) are also available on site.

Deer Garden At “Juku Dzirnavas” Recreation Centre

by prior arrangement

Guests of “Juku Dzirnavas” and visitors have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful wild animal in Latvia – red deer. Next to the recreation centre, they are kept in a large, specially adapted area. Seeing the deer in their natural habitat is a rare luck that usually only lasts a few seconds.

Watching deer is fascinating, and not just because of their majesty. They look different every season: gray in autumn and winter, but rusty red in spring and summer. And the antlers! From tiny nubs in early spring, deer produce a massive rack of antlers to compete with other males for females. Deer antlers grow very fast – an average of 2.5 centimeters a day.

Nature Reserve Sātiņi Ponds and Sātiņi Fishery

by prior arrangement

The territory of Sātiņi ponds nature reserve area with its 30 artificial ponds is located approximately 8 km to the south-west of Saldus. The ponds attract many bird species during nesting and migration season.  A 9.8 m high bird watching tower is located near one of the ponds.

Part of the territory is managed by Sātiņi fishery.

At the Farmstead “Strauti”, visitors can see a wide variety of poultry and domestic animals: sheep, cows, rabbits, a pony, and other inhabitants of the farm. The hostess also kindly shows her garden. “Strauti” is a certified organic farm and it is possible to purchase plants and farm produce as well. Horse riding is offered by prior arrangement.

The hosts of  country house “Spārni”  offer tours in their garden, as well as tasting of birch sap, herbal tea with dandelion honey, fruit and berry drinks or special honey beer.

Medicinal Herb Garden “Aronijas 180”

By prior arrangement

Travellers will have the opportunity to visit the medicinal herb garden of Rita Armulika, the expert on traditional herbs, as well as to taste and purchase various kinds of herbal tea and mixtures of herbs collected by the hostess.

Rose Nursery “Stūru Rozes”

Sēļi, Blīdenes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.587457, 22.778274

Solveiga Dzene’s Decorative Garden

Krasta iela 14, Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.675376, 22.565714

Apiary “Kāres”

"Kāres", Blīdenes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.640317, 22.691223

Petting Zoo “Silavas”

"Silavas", Remtes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.731933, 22.674823

Farmstead “Ziķi”

"Ziķi", Zirņu pagasts, Saldus novads

56.668727, 22.352014

Farmstead “Kalna ģēģeri”

"Kalna ģēģeri", Vadakstes pagasts

56.367621, 22.682603

Peony Garden at “Lapenieki”

"Lapenieki", Jaunlutriņu pagasts

56.8226396, 22.3454773

Lavender Farm “Lillas Lavender”

"Kalnjaunsētas", Ošenieki, Jaunlutriņu pagasts

56.814946, 22.273047

Guided tour at the farm “Brūzilu Liellops” (“Brūzilu Cattle”)

“Brūzilas”, Kursīšu pagasts, Saldus novads

56.508978, 22.339331

Deer Garden At “Juku Dzirnavas” Recreation Centre

"Juku dzirnavas", Šķēdes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.865402, 22.494972

Nature Reserve Sātiņi Ponds and Sātiņi Fishery

Novadnieku pagasts, Saldus novads

56.627353, 22.349730

Farmstead “Strauti”

"Baltiņi", Nīgrandes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.483658, 21.987069

Country house “Spārni”

"Spārni", Vadakstes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.373615, 22.803133

Medicinal Herb Garden “Aronijas 180”

“Aronijas-180", Zirņi Parish

56.665069, 22.468561


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