What To Do?

If you want to find out more about Saldus town and municipality, choose one of the tours and go on an adventure with an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide!

Enjoy a boat trip on Lake Ciecere – the boat “Zezer” offers public and private tours. Audio guide is available in four languages – LV, LT, RU and ENG. 

Saldus – The Town Of Janis Rozentāls

By prior arrangement

A walk through the town centre to see the locations, where Rozentāls painted, and significant places in his personal and social life. A tour for all age groups. Duration: 1.5 hours. Languages – Latvian and Russian.

A guided tour to visit the painting locations of Janis Rozentāls and significant places in the artist’s life. You will also see reproductions of his paintings. The duration is 2-3 hours. The tour guide is a specialist from Saldus Janis Rozentāls’ History and Art Museum.

Tour guide Līga Šaule will introduce visitors to the history of Saldus – you will find out about the time, when the town was named Frauenburg, also World War II, the Soviet times and nowadays. The tour is for various age groups – pupils and also adults. Duration: 1.5 hours. Languages: Latvian and Russian.

Jaunauce Manor And Park Tour

1 May to 31 October - Fri., Sat., Sun. 11 a.m. till 3 p.m. At other times (except Mon. and Tue.) - by prior arrangement.

  • A guided tour to see the interior of the Jaunauce manor: the unique dome painting, the collection of furnaces and other valuable elements. Find out about the time, when the barons von der Ropp lived here and the manor housed an impressive collection of artworks by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Thorvaldsen.
  • A guided walk through the manor park finding out about the English landscape garden – the structure, elements, the introduced small plant species, and the small forms of architecture.
  • A guided tour to see the exhibition related to the time when the manor housed the local school.

The green witch dressed in original and colourful costume will greet you in the village Kalni in Nīgrande parish. Guests will be entertained with interesting stories of the life of witches and engaged in some witchy activities. The witches can take you up to the roof of Kalni culture centre to enjoy the great view in all seasons. Visitors can taste the witch’s potion.

Boat “Zezer”

Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.68692, 22.56121

Saldus – The Town Of Janis Rozentāls

Saldus, Saldus novads

56.666449, 22.492621

In The Footsteps of Janis Rozentāls in Saldus

Striķu iela 22, Saldus, Saldus novads

56.663272, 22.497018

Saldus in Various Times

Saldus, Saldus novads

56.665126, 22.494524

Jaunauce Manor And Park Tour

Jaunauces pils, Jaunauces pagasts, Saldus novads

56.444321, 22.690237

Meeting the Green Witch of Kalni

Kalnu iela 2, Kalni, Nīgrandes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.443743, 22.125151


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