What To Do?

If you want to experience something exciting and unusual in Saldus municipality, try one of the activities that require courage, strength and creativity!

The active recreation centre offers public and private airsoft games, target shooting and quad bike rides for adventure lovers. A great place for both private events and exciting team building games.

Enjoy panoramic views of Saldus and the surroundings! The tours take place at sunrise or two hours before sunset, in good weather conditions, if the wind speed is less than 5 m/s. The duration of the flight is 1 hour; the whole experience lasts 2.5-3 hours.

“SPORTIVE AQUA” Inflatable Floating Water Park

Monday to Thursday from 10am till 8pm, and Friday to Sunday from 10am till 9pm.

The inflatable water park is located on Lake Ciecere next to the beach in Brocēni. It is 4000m2 large and has more than 30 obstacles. Children must be over 6 years old to visit the water park. Children from 6 to 11 years old must be accompanied by their parent or guardian, and older children (12 to 16 years old) must present a written permission by their parent. Life jackets are mandatory and are included in the price. Sessions are 50 minutes. SportiveAQUA_cenas

The organization “Wirsaitis” provides a possibility for young people to spend time in nature, at a settlement in the forest, and to learn basic survival skills, for example, to start a campfire, shoot a bow or an air gun, and to throw an axe in a specially built area. Camping in the forest is also possible. They offer various creative workshops – leather braiding, making beeswax candles or torches. Children can play sack fight or other outdoor games. There is a picnic area with a campfire site.

The forest park is a great place to enjoy the forest and go for walks along the walking trails (approximately 3km long). There is a rhododendron garden in the forest – visitors can enjoy more than 60 blooming rhododendrons in early summer.

Two ropes courses – “Brocēni Air Trails” – will let you enjoy the perfect outdoor adventure. The low ropes course is available for everyone at any time and no equipment is needed. The high ropes adventure course (approximately 8m above the ground) can only be used with safety equipment and when accompanied by an instructor. The visits need to be booked in advance. To book your adventure, please call instructor Olga (mob. +371 24933055) preferably at least 24 hours prior to your visit. The ropes course can be used free of charge.

Paintball park “Dāre” offers to combine thrilling adventure and unforgettable emotional experience. Equipment is provided to the players, and the group is divided into two teams. An instructor accompanies the players to the playing field, which is a wooded area with wooden structures, surrounded by a net and safe for spectators. The instructor offers a new scenario and a new goal for each game. All games are watched by a referee. There is a gazebo with a grill for a picnic, a volleyball court, WC, and tent sites. Special offers for groups of over 20 people.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Wed.: 19.00 - 21.00, Fri.: 19:00 - 21.00, Sun.: 11.00 - 13.00

EUR 1.00 per person

The indoor climbing wall is located at “Mežvidi”, Novadnieki parish, near the border of Saldus town.  Instructors will help both children and adults. All the necessary equipment is provided. Climbers need to wear suitable clothing and footwear. The cost is EUR 1.00 (which will be used to maintain the equipment and to ensure compliance with safety rules). Access through the main entrance of the administrative building.

The compact low ropes course, which is especially suitable for young adventure seekers, is located in the park next to the Oskars Kalpaks’ museum and the memorial site “Airītes”.

Everyone is welcome to test their shooting skills. Experienced instructors are there to help and instruct about safe and proper use of firearms. Guns are available for rent, and there are target stands “running deer” and “running wild boar”. Shooting at flying targets is available. Visits must be booked in advance.

Horse riding, riding lessons, carriage and sleigh rides.

Horse riding for adults and children, riding lessons.

Visitors can learn the basics of archery and use their skills in an archery range with target stands and 3D targets. 10 bows are available.

Sports enthusiasts can play croquet and tennis in Jaunauce manor park. The only restored tennis court from the times of the manor in Latvia is located in the park. It was built by the baron Ropp family in 1903, when tennis was highy popular. Croquet is an aristocratic sport – physically not demanding and interesting for players of all ages. No prior knowledge necessary!

Society for the development of Novadnieki (“Novadnieku attīstībai”) have created a hiking route with the total length 8km. The places of interest and the map are below.

Description of the sites along the hike (in Latvian)

Airsoft Saldus


56.683452, 22.457959

Hot-Air Balloon Tour Over Saldus

Billu Hill scenic viewpoint in Saldus (take-off location can change depending on wind direction).

56.669852, 22.512300

“SPORTIVE AQUA” Inflatable Floating Water Park

Next to the public beach in Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.678955, 22.562285

Adventures at the Viking Settlement

Lutriņu pagasts, Saldus novads

56.738170, 22.425797

Brocēni Forest Park and Ropes Courses

Brocēnu mežaparks, Brocēni, Saldus novads

56.669933, 22.564125

Paintball park “Dāre”

"Brūveri", Gaiķu pagasts, Saldus novads

56.791516, 22.542254

Indoor Climbing Wall

"Mežvidi", Novadnieku pagasts, Saldus novads

56.650305, 22.466851

Ropes Course at Oskars Kalpaks’ Museum

"Airītes", Zirņu pagasts, Saldus novads

56.678649, 22.155275

Zvārde Shooting Range

”Lapsas”, Zvārdes pagasts, Saldus novads

56.595596, 22.547491

Brocēni and Saldus Horse Riding Club

“Čunkas”, Cieceres pagasts, Saldus novads

56.661036, 22.522484

Horse Farm “Prelūdija”

Sesile, Novadnieku pagasts, Saldus novads

56.6425645, 22.386719

Archery Range

"Viesturi", Novadnieku pagasts, Saldus novads

56.604097, 22.330848

Tennis and Croquet at Jaunauce Manor

Jaunauces pils, Jaunauces pagasts, Saldus novads

56.444145, 22.689378

Hike With Obstacles

"Mežvidi", Novadnieku pagasts, Saldus novads

56.650305, 22.466852


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